Check Your Legs Road Race Results - Photos added

Roughly 70 riders showed up for the 2009 CYLRR. Windy and cool conditions. But a good day for racing.
CNYC's Ad Stabel kept his impressive run of results at the CYLRR by taking the win in the B category.
Small but competitive fields contested the A and Woman's categories. In the A Race....Wayne Bray made a bold solo effort for most of the 3 laps. He was beaten at the end of the day; but, certainly awarded the most aggressive riders prize. In the end it was Benjamin Salibra taking the win for the A riders. The top 3 women battled for two laps with Sarah Krzysiak winning.

Scroll down below results to see photos.

Full Results Pasted Below:


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CYLRR Pre Reg......1/2 Price Racing!!!!!

Head over to and sign up for the Check Your Legs Road Race. Race will be run on a "A" "B" and Women's Rider Format. "A" riders doing 3 laps. "B" riders doing 2 laps. Women doing 2 laps.
All races will get going at about 11 AM on Saturday April 11th. I've got a few prizes lined up. Will be posting the Fabulous Prize Package details soon.
If you pre-reg you will save some $$. Pre-reg is $10 plus bikereg fees. Day of race entry fee is $20.

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Check Your Legs Road Race Saturday April 11th 2009

CNYC's Check Your Legs Road Race is going to be Saturday, April 11th 2009.

Most likely going to be run on an "A" and "B" format. "A" riders doing 3 laps. "B" riders doing 2 laps. If enough Women show up we'll either run a separate field for them....or let them ride with the Category they feel comfortable in.

Not sure what the entry fee will be? Probably pretty cheap...something like $10. Online registration this year via - follow the link below

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NYBC - New York Bicycling Coalition - Rumble Over Rumble Strips and Crumble Shoulders

NYBC: Working Toward a More Bicycle-Friendly New York

The New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) monitors government activities concerning bicycling and pedestrian issues. The Coalition advocates on behalf of the communities to the NY legislature and state agencies for better bicycling and walking conditions. We provide technical assistance to clubs, non-profit organizations, and local governments working to foster a "Complete Streets" concept of transportation development. This is article is one example of the NYBC's response to the many challenging local transportation situations around the State.

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Almost 100 Upstate NY Fall Photos

Sometimes we get to ride.

Sometimes we have to drive.

Either way - it's not too bad an idea to carry a camera in NYS in October.

This slideshow shows some photos that I took without really stopping the car or the bike.

Don't let the format drive you crazy - you can click on "View all images" at the bottom and choose what you would like to see and also see the photos in a larger format.

Or just let the slides slide by.

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The 2008


Saturday, July 19, 2008

     The "Race For Sight" is a bicycle road race, with A & B fields. The course winds through the gently rolling terrain of the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley near Windsor, New York, and ends with a challenging uphill climb.

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USPP TT Results for June 25th 2008

A great night for posting fast times. Slight headwind on the way out. Slight tailwind on the way back.

1. Dereck Treadwell 24:25
2. Peter Martin 25:01
3. Dale Beckwith 25:53
4. Ad Stabel 26:09
5. Jeff Lent 27:50
6. Sam Corcoran 27:56
7. John Saphier 28:10
8. Chris Eastman 29:10
9. Dennis Uhlig 30:36
10. Neil Toombs 30:56
11. Bob Thomas 33:19
12. Dan Maskin 34:28
13. Cosby Gibson 34:46
14. Kathy Carey 35:14

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USPP Time Trial Results From 6-11-08

After a few brutal days of hot weather the temperatures dropped and was great for
cycling. Slightly windy conditions. A good showing by all that rode.

1. Peter Martin 25:04
2. Dale Beckwith 25:39
3. Dale Rothenberger 27:01
4. Gary Toombs 27:04
5. Colin Eustis 27:45
6. Sam Corcoran 28:07
7. John Saphier 28:29
8. Jeff Lent 28:32
9. Chris Eastman 29:17
10. David White 29:42
11. Neil Toombs 30:54

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USPP TT Results for May 28th

Cool and windy conditions. Not ideal weather for fast times....but 13 riders
participated in last night's USPP Time Trial and posted good speeds. 10.2 mile out
and back course.

1. Tread Treadwell 24:47
2. Peter Martin 25:57
3. Sam Corcoran 28:07
4. Justin Pedersen 28:46
5. Jeff Lent 29:24
6. John Saphier 29:39
7. Dennis Uhlig 30:26
8. Chris Eastman 30:47
9. Neil Toombs 33:12
10. Kathy Carey 35:13

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USPP Time Trial Results for 5-14-08

The next USPP Time Trial will be 5-28-08. Come on out and join the fun.

more info about the Time Trials and Hill Climbs can be found at Either scroll downn or follow links from the right side of the page.

5-14-08 Results

1. Peter Martin 26:06
2. Gary Toombs 27:36
3. John Saphier 28:41
4. Denny Uhlig 29:53
5. Chris Eastman 30:57
6. Neil Toombs 32:17
7. Grover Cook 33:29
8. Doug Hulbert 35:05

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