Taking a Flyer at Owasco

Race Report by Rich Karaz.

Do I go to Watkins or go to Owasco? Watkins was a logistical difficulty, Owasco is an invitation to lose skin. Let's go Owasco. This year has been a good one for me as far as performance and results. I have yet to win, but I've been in the mix for 1st place in every race except the NYS Championship Road Race, and that wasn't too far off, there were maybe 3 guys up the road. That said, I needed (in my head) to get aggressive, or play my hand as Wayne Bray would say. Present at Owasco were CNYC's Pete and Will Bradley.
20 minutes into the race, I sense an attack on the right, I'm on the left, here comes a white and red bus and I hop on. BTW, it was a very fast moving bus. We have a short conversation of me asking "Are you gonna ride?" and I get no response. I say again, "I'm not one to squander an opportunity but I'm not sure how wise this is." The white and red bus says, "We ride but we don't have to kill ourselves." Oh my. This guy was so fast, so smooth, it was like being behind a motor. Turns out, he was a Euro-dog. Figures, the day I want to strike out, I get in a break with a Polish kid built like a pro. We rode an excellent breakaway. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. We were away for 50 minutes and he realized I was going to crack. He let me ride his wheel for a bit to recover but it was so hot, I couldn't. Finally we get to the significant hills in the course (old course btw, yes, harder by far than last year's) and I waved him to carry on without me. Long story short, I'm still not recovered, 2 guys come up, another Cornell rider with Doug Carlson and they go through me pretty easily. 2 more guys come up and I stay on for a bit but can't ride their pace. The front group comes up and I'm good. Pretty much out of water, I bum a bottle from Mike Tersegno and position myself for the finale. I managed 2nd in our sprint good enough for 7th overall. Oh well, I played my hand, Waclaw goes on to win solo.

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Racing on the Track....Corning Circuit Race Report

The 2010 edition of the Corning Circuit Race was held on one of the most storied F1 automobile race tracks in North America at Watkins Glen. The 4 mile loop consists of wide, buttery smooth asphalt with sweeping, banked turns and just under 300 feet of climbing per lap. Who knows if 'The Glen' will ever open its doors to bike racing again in the future - as such, this was a race not to be missed. CNYCer Richard Serton was in what will probably figure to be his last cat5 race, with a total field of about 35 riders. The race was scheduled to last 30 minutes, and before the gun went off, riders were told that they would complete 3 laps. "We are confident that it will take you just over 30 minutes to complete 3 laps," said the starter, in what would prove to be a comical overestimation. From the word go, the pace was intense. As the field exited pit row into the first of many wide, sweeping corners, the pace picked up to almost 35mph. Then came the first of two short, sprint-able climbs. It was clear that this would be a hammer-fest. A few stragglers aside, the field remained intact for the first and most of the second lap. The third and final lap saw several attacks off the front, most of which were reeled in. With just under a mile to go, a two man breakaway opened a gap of about 10 seconds. Serton and one Corning Race Team member worked together to give chase and gapped the rest of the field. As the chasers entered the final turn, it was obvious they would not contend for the win, but the final podium spot was still up for grabs. The Corning Racer jumped much earlier than expected and had the legs to pull away from Serton. Without a lead-out man, Serton was reeled in by the steadily approaching pack as the line neared, but hung on for 6th place. The main field finished the three laps in well under 25 minutes, averaging close to 25mph. Half an hour, indeed.

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A Race Around the Lake - Giro D'Otisco RR

CNYCers Richard Serton and Emory Creel competed in the 2010 edition of the Giro D'Otisco. A short but challenging ride around Otisco Lake. The course features 17 miles of descents and flat roads followed by a torturous, half-mile, 400ft ascent back to the start line, with some sections at 25% incline or greater. Just over 60 entrants of all ages and categories were at the start on a sunny but warm and humid morning. The pack started off with a quick pace, made quicker by the long, twisting descents to the shore of Otisco Lake. As the racers turned south for the long, flat section of the race, one rider jumped ahead and managed to open a gap of about 20 seconds on the main field. He held off a somewhat disorganized peloton into a stiff headwind for a good 7 or 8 miles. Multiple attempts to reel him in, many initiated by Serton and Creel were in vain as nobody else seemed interested in doing the work. Content to race for second place, the main group reached the base of the final climb and prepared to suffer. As in years past, a few riders dropped their chains immediately upon hitting the wall. Both Serton and Creel avoided the minor carnage at the base and the ascent began. Even very strong riders can only manage 5 or 6mph up the hill, wrenching their bars back and forth, fighting for each pedal stroke. One by one, riders blew up and started slipping back. CNYC proved stronger than most, with Serton powering his way to a 5th place overall finish (and 1st in the 20-34 age group) and Creel coming in 9th.

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2010 Windham Mountain Bike World Cup Festival will take place in Windham, NY

Sunday, August 29th – Race the World Cross-country (for professionals and amateurs alike)

-8:00 – 10:00 AM – CAT 1

-10:15 AM – 1:15 PM – CAT 2 & 3

- Kid’s Fun Race -12:45 PM

-UCI World Cup Downhill Finals

-1:15 PM, Women

-2:00 PM, Men

- Race the World Cross-country

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Great Results and Racing At Lakefest for CNYC

Have you ever gone to a bike race....then got home in the evening....and asked yourself why you just
paid $25 to roll around at a medium pace...and then sprinted the last 1/4 mile? Bike racing is an incredible sport. But sometimes there are too many guys ( or girls ) that just wanna sit in and fight it out the last 100 meters. Yeah, you gotta race smart and play your cards right.....but we are bike racers ! Racing should be exciting, fast, aggressive and fun. The 26 miler Whitney Point Lakefest Road Race was all that and more.
Having looked at the radar before I left New Lisbon my thoughts were that we'd be racing in decent weather.

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CNYC Gets a State Champion

Whiteface Mountain State Championships. June 12th , 2010

Steady rain and cool temperatures greeted the 35 stalwart souls who lined up to begin the cat5 race at this year's NYS road race championships, held in the shadow of Whiteface Mountain. CNYC's own Richard Serton was in the mix, looking to secure a state title for the orange and blue. The course featured a short neutral start, followed by a 6 mile jaunt to a 14 mile rolling loop, which the cat5's would complete 2 times. At that point, the field would follow the original 6 mile stretch back to the foot of the Whiteface Highway, where a 1.6 mile, 8% climb to the finish awaited.

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Lakefest RR Information....Whitney Point....NY...Race Local

SUNDAY JUNE 13, 2010


THE RACES: 50 MILE - 1st , 2nd , & 3rd place awards
• Men 20-29, Men 30-39, Men 40+
• Women
26 MILE - 1st , 2nd , & 3rd place awards
• Juniors
• Men 20-29, Men 30-39, Men 40 – 49, Men 50+
• Women

THE COURSE: Start at Dorchester Park, Whitney Point NY
Rt 11 north to Marathon
Rt 220 East to Willet
Rt 26 back to Whitney Point Overlook rest area
(50 mile includes additional loop through scenic Cincinnatus, Smithville Flats and Willet)

STARTS/INFO: Fee $20.00, one-day license NOT required

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Killington Stage Race Cat. 5 Circuit Race Report

Words by Richard Serton.

In an odd development, the organizers of the KSR decided that the circuit race, whilst being held in the middle of the picturesque Green Mountains, should be relatively devoid of climbing. Go figure. CNYC's own Richard Serton was in the mix, coming off what could have been a pretty disastrous crash at a time trial the week before. Fortunately, he was only left with some road rash and 1 shredded CNYC skinsuit. After a neutral mile at the start, the race had the feel of a spirited yet friendly Saturday club ride. The first 19-mile lap was pretty casual, with the only excitement coming at the KOM point. Serton was not contending for the GC title, so he was content to let everyone else fight it out. The second lap saw the pace pick up noticeably, and the group started to see riders fall off the back. Another KOM sprint led to more attrition from the peloton and a core group of about 15 riders remained to contend for the win. The final 5K of the course was slightly downhill to a fast finish and those expecting a drag race to the line were not to be disappointed. The pace slowed to less than 20mph at the 2K point as nobody wanted to do any of the heavy lifting, saving their energy for the sprint. At about 1.5K, Serton was on the front, pulling hard but not at top speed. With about 300m to go, he dropped the hammer and held off all comers until 50m or so when a few riders had pulled through to steal the win. Serton claimed 5th place.

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2010 A.V.R.E. Race For Sight

Come race a great local event.

2010 A.V.R.E. Race for Sight

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Windsor, NY

Registration 8:30-9:45

Race begins at 10:00

Check out our new website – www.avreraceforsight.org

The Races/Ride:

A Field – 40 miles, for experienced racers only, equivalent to USCF Cat. 3-4. See website for route map.

B Field – 27 miles, a Citizen’s race/ride; for beginner to intermediate racers and recreational cyclists. No experienced racers will be allowed to race in the B field. See website for route map.

· $500 will be split among top finishers in the A race.

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