USPP TT Results from Early September

Results from the USPP out and back TT from 9/8/10

1. Peter Martin 24:31
2. Dylan Nord 27:37
3. Gary Toombs 28:03
4. Jeff Lent 28:15

Last TT of the year is 9/22/10

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Let's Go Climbing.....Coon Hill Grind Report

CNYC put in a strong showing in this year's Coon Hill Grind. A tough 2-mile uphill time trial held just outside of Skaneateles.

More race info here:

Race map - check out those contour lines!

Richard Serton and Brett Sherwood were in the field, which numbered close to 175 riders, including some of central NY's strongest cyclists. The course features a short flat section followed by a 1.5 mile climb at or around 9% and finishes with a rolling half mile finish. Stiff winds factored into the results, buffeting racers during the final half mile. Despite the conditions, the Orange and Blue grabbed a few honors. Sherwood finished 4th overall in 7:48, good enough for 1st place in his age group. Serton clocked in at 8:03, despite being incorrectly routed toward the finish, a hiccup which likely cost him a second or two. His time earned him 2nd place in his age group.

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Good News for NYS Cyclist ....BUT We Still Gotta Ride Smart

Ever been out on the road riding and been passed at 60 miles per hour by a car that you swear is 3 inches from your elbow? Well sure you have. Happily, David Paterson and other NYS Officials have signed into law a great new piece of legislation. OK....this is dream come true. Motorist passing cyclists have to give us 3 feet of passing room! Let's get back to reality here. This law is unrealistic for us to expect to be obeyed. What I do expect when I'm out on the road is for a motorist to give me ample space to pass safely and to hopefully let up on the accelerator just a bit. We all know it's a mixed bag. Some people are cool about giving riders plenty of room. Others certainly make a bit of space....maybe not as much as you would like...but you don't feel as if you are in danger. Then there are the motorists who you swear are either really bad drivers, don't like sharing the road with anyone or off texting.....calling ...eating a Big Mac...etc.

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2010 Canal Classic

The Canal Classic is one of this area best road races. It's a 30 mile course with a climb that is 4 miles long. This would seem to make it a "Climbers Course." But if you are a strong overall rider you can play your cards right and get a good result.
Clete has been putting this race on for 19 years. It's done in memory of his friend Michael Cool. Michael was involved in a traffic accident in 1991 and lost his life.
For those of you who have not done this race...NOTE 2011 will be the 20th Anniversary and the last edition of the Canal Classic. Everyone at CNYC thanks Clete and all those involved in promoting this race. It's something we look forward to each year.

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USPP TT for August 11th Results

Nice night for TTing. Warm with a slight breeze.

1. Derek & Elizabeth Treadwell (tandem) 24:09
2. Peter Martin 24:43
3. Steve Sloan 25:19
4. Dale Beckwith 26:00
5. Ad Stabel 26:19
6. Kyle Breier 26:43
7. Chris Eastman 29:21
8. Neil Toombs 30:45

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2010 Butternut Valley Time Trial

Out and back 15 mile course. First 4.25 miles run on Route 51 from 3537 State Hwy. 51 to Garrattsville then course continues another 3.25 miles North on County Route 16.....turn around and come back South. Roughly 80 degrees. Slight headwind out to the turn-around point. 2010 Course record of 35:50 was bested by 5 riders. Great day for racing.

1. Derek Treadwell 33:58
2. Todd Sherwood 35:03
3. Richard Serton 35:14
4. Rich Karaz 35:24
5. Peter Martin 35:47
6. Steve Sloan 35:55
7. Pat Kanpinus 36:17
8. Steve Gates 37:48

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CNYC's NYS Time Trial Championships

CNYC climbed the podium at this year's New York State Time Trial Championships. Richard Serton lined up in the Men's 4/5 race and Rich Karaz competed in the Master's 45-49 category. Both riders completed a 40km, out and back trip on relatively flat roads. The race began in Cambridge, NY and headed east across the state line into Vermont and back. Blue skies abounded and fortunately for all racers, several straight days of high humidity abated just in time for the race. Wind, however, played a significant role in the proceedings. A steady, 15-20 mph breeze was blowing West to East, meaning that the return trip to Cambridge would be into a stiff headwind. At times, handling was a bit sketchy as well. Both CNYCers rode well. Karaz put in an official (yet possibly inflated?) time of 59:55, good enough for 5th place. Serton crossed the line in 58:01, taking 3rd place in the category and 1st among cat5 riders.

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2 Sets of USPP Results.

Results of the Upper Susquehanna Pedalers and Paddlers Bicycle Time Trial held Wednesday June 14th, 2010, a 10.2-mile course starting and finishing at the intersection of State Route 205 and City Highway 48, near Exit 13 of I-88.

1. Peter Martin 25:10
2. Kyle Breier 26:36
3. Keith Toombs 26:47
4. Gary Toombs 27:12
5. Jeff Lent 27:28
6. Chris Eastman 29:21
7. Neil Toombs 31:34
8. Dan Maskin 37:07

Results of the Upper Susquehanna Pedalers and Paddlers Bicycle Time Trial held Wednesday May 26th, 2010, a 10.2-mile course starting and finishing at the intersection of State Route 205 and City Highway 48, near Exit 13 of I-88.

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Former UMaine track star wins cycling race up Mount Washington

Photo by Dennis Coughlin -
Dereck Treadwell competes in Newton's Revenge, a 7.6-mile cycling race up the Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire on Saturday. The former University of Maine track star won the race in 57 minutes, 41 seconds.

Former UMaine track star wins cycling race up Mount Washington

By John Stifler, Special to the BDN
Posted July 10, 2011, at 1:02 p.m.

Course map in Google Earth Format

Former University of Maine track standout Dereck Treadwell has won a grueling bicycle race up the steep Mount Washington Auto Road on his first try.

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