Almost a new Course Record !

Results - USPP Bicycle Time Trial - May 25, 2011

Dereck Treadwell came close to setting a new course record. As far as we can tell the course record is held by Mike Jones and stands at 22:20.

1. Derek Treadwell 22:26
2. Peter Martin 24:45
3. Justin Pedersen &
Steve Sloan - team time trial 25:34
4. Corey Dubois 26:49
5. John Wojtech 26:54
6. Victoria Harris 27:27
7. Kyle Breier 27:34
8. Jeff Lent 27:35
9. Elizabeth Treadwell 28:31

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3rd Annual Catskill Ride & Peak Event

The 3rd Annual Catskill Ride and Peak Bicycling Event

Saturday, August 20, 2011.

Gathering at the Pavilion and Village Park bicyclists will select from five options: 14 mile, 25 mile, 26 mile, 54 mile, and 104 mile.

Register for the event at the link below

Learn more about bicycling in the Catskills at

Location: Pavilion and Village Park, Margaretville

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2011 Butternut Valley Time Trial

Get ready for a great new USA Cycling Event in Otsego County. The Butternut
Valley Time Trial. Saturday July 23rd.
Start will be at "Race Central" in New Lisbon. Lots of categories. Low $15 entry fee.
Super TT course. Yummy food afterwards. Time Trialling is a good way to try your first competitive
race. Take a look at the race course at .
Get your time trialling tuned up for the following weeks NYS TT Champs.
( Note this is the link for the NYS TT Championships. Not the BVTT )

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USPP TT Results May 11th, 2011

Results - USPP Bicycle Time Trial - May 11, 2011

1. Peter Martin 24:31
2. Steve Sloan 24:55
3. John Wojtech 25:45
4. Seth Demarrais 25:46
5. Keith Toombs 26:08
6. John Stuligross 26:15
7. Justin Pedersen 26:47
8. Kyle Breier 27:48
9. Jeff Lent 28:00
10. Gary Toombs 28:27
11. Elizabeth Treadwell 28:40
12. Doug Hulbert 29:28
13. Chris Eastman 31:14

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11 th Annual Opporunities for Otsego River Ride

June 4th at Neahwa Park, Oneonta , NY

Rain or Shine.


All are welcome to ride. Riders under 14 must have parent or guardian accompanying them on the route.

Rides range from 11 to 46 miles.

$35 entry fee gets you a River Ride T - Shirt ( First 100 entrants ) , Tote Bag, Water Bottle, SAG Wagon Support, Water and Snack Stops and a Brooks Chicken Dinner !

Riders are encouraged to seek sponsorships for their rides. Pledge Sheets available at

Check in is at Neahwa Park Skate House starting at 7:45 AM. All route leave the park at 9 AM.

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1st USPP TT of the Year

Decent night for the first USPP TT of the year. Come on out and ride. We are getting great turnouts for the TTs.

Results - USPP Bicycle Time Trial - April 27, 2011

1. Peter Martin 25:20
2. Steve Sloan 25:27
3. Tim Sattler 25:52
4. Justin Pedersen 27:02
5. John Wojtech 27:58
6. Kyle Breier 28:02
7. Elizabeth Treadwell 28:42
8. Doug Hulbert 30:27
9. Neil Toombs 32:16
10. Chris Eastman 32:37

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Chobani Yogurt after CYLRR

New for 2011 is excellent post race food Chobani Yogurt. If you haven't had a chance to try Chobani you are missing out. Made only minutes away from New Lisbon; Chobani yogurt is real food made from healthy ingredients. A super source of Protein. Low fat. And, just enough Carbs to keep us cyclist running strong.
Log onto their website and find out more ..... Help support local businesses and NYS companies. Eat lots of Chobani yogurt. Try the's yummy.

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2011 Check Your Legs Road Race With Results

Come and join CNYC for possibly the best ever CYLRR ! Sunday April 17th. New for this year is Hi Definition Recorded finish line results. Did you beat Mark Cavendish by 1 cm on the line ? If so we'll be able to put the Manx Missile in his place. If it's bad weather don't big top tent to huddle under and keep dry after the race. And, while you are retelling how you made the break, got dropped on the climb or battled it out for the win...enjoy some Chobani yogurt and fresh bake goods. I'm trying to round up some nice prizes......we'll see what I can come up with ?
12.5 Mile Loop with two challenging 1/2 mile climbs. Slight uphill finish. Gearing advice is 39x25. Limited Bathroom Facilities. Food and drinks for everyone after the race. Day of Race Entry fee is $20.

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USPP and CNYC a Perfect Match

As long as I can remember USPP....The Upper Susquehanna Pedalers and Paddlers have been a big part of the pedaling and paddling scene in this area. They are a great group of people who have run and promoted tons of events over the last 25 years. Famous for the USPP Spring Canoe Race...they have also been active in century bike rides, a local bike hill climb and of course my favorite, the USPP Bike TTs. There isn't a better way to get to know the Otsego county cyclists and paddlers than to come to a USPP event. This year USPP has generously donated to both CNYC's races. Their contributions have allowed the club to get a new Hi Def. Digital Camcorder which we will use to record the finishing results at CYLRR. Have a look at their website, the link is below...come on out to the Spring Canoe Race on April 16th. Join in the fun at one of the early season TTs or Hill Climbs.

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Stella Luna A Great Place to Eat and 2011 CYLRR Sponsor

If you are in the Oneonta area and are looking for a terrific dining experience....stop on by
Stella Luna Ristorante. Since 2000 Stellas have been serving up the best cuisine in town.
Located in downtown Oneonta in the city's old train couldn't ask for a more
perfect atmosphere. Whatever you like.....pasta, fish, chicken, salads, veal, pork or vegetarian.... Stella Lunas will have something for you. Stop by after the race to replenish your energy; take the family to a place everyone will enjoy ; or, Stellas is the perfect place for you and your partner. 607-433-7646 58 -60 Market Street, Oneonta, NY.

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