CNYC Wins at Hollenbeck

Sunday May 11th saw record crowds and great racing for the annual Hollenbeck's Spring Classic. CNYC was well represented in the Master's race. With 4 strong riders in the field things were looking good. After the initial speedy run to the first climb a group of roughly 15 crested the first hill. With a good mix of clubs in the break everyone started to work the move. At times it looked like the chasing pack was about to catch the break but strong tempo riding by CNYC's Rich Karaz in the middle section of the course established a lead that was not to be challenged. Hollenbeck's short but steep wall brought the lead group down to 8 riders.

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Testing Putting A Picture ON


Here's how to do a photo.

This is a story post and it allows you to attach "files". Photos - such as *.jpg files are files.

After you attach a file or files you have to make an HTML reference to each one and also click on the choice -

the syntax - or way to write up the choice is given below
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but you must substitute for ]
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Once you say or show that you can do it I or you can delete this story - but delete the file first...
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Results for Check Your Legs RR , April 22nd 2006

Check Your Legs RR , April 22nd 2006
USCF Permit # 2006-435

Race time of 1 Hour and 14 Minutes

Some photos online now please send more if you have them to the address at the end of the photos.

Photos are at:

25 riders tackled the two circuits of the difficult and wet course.
The first few miles saw a cold pack and slow speeds as the riders stuck
together to keep warm. After the first hills out of Garrattsville
things started to string out. Erik Markewich and Brett Sherwood

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