Killington Stage Race Cat. 5 Circuit Race Report

Words by Richard Serton.

In an odd development, the organizers of the KSR decided that the circuit race, whilst being held in the middle of the picturesque Green Mountains, should be relatively devoid of climbing. Go figure. CNYC's own Richard Serton was in the mix, coming off what could have been a pretty disastrous crash at a time trial the week before. Fortunately, he was only left with some road rash and 1 shredded CNYC skinsuit. After a neutral mile at the start, the race had the feel of a spirited yet friendly Saturday club ride. The first 19-mile lap was pretty casual, with the only excitement coming at the KOM point. Serton was not contending for the GC title, so he was content to let everyone else fight it out. The second lap saw the pace pick up noticeably, and the group started to see riders fall off the back. Another KOM sprint led to more attrition from the peloton and a core group of about 15 riders remained to contend for the win. The final 5K of the course was slightly downhill to a fast finish and those expecting a drag race to the line were not to be disappointed. The pace slowed to less than 20mph at the 2K point as nobody wanted to do any of the heavy lifting, saving their energy for the sprint. At about 1.5K, Serton was on the front, pulling hard but not at top speed. With about 300m to go, he dropped the hammer and held off all comers until 50m or so when a few riders had pulled through to steal the win. Serton claimed 5th place.