Bristol Road Race Report

The month of May is when the Finger Lakes community of Bristol...yes, the birth place of our dog Bristol McGee...and the start/finish of the Bristol Road Race presented by Constellation Group. It's a 51 mile race on a pretty demanding course. This race owes me...big time. Why? It was a few years ago, 2006 I think, when I had entered the race and almost missed the start because we drove according to the race sheet driving instructions instead of the Google Map directions. So, we arrive, I was so amped up, early in the race, I roll off the front and some guy rolls with me. He starts hitting it hard, and we are gone. As we approached an intersection, a corner worker had her back to us and we went straight...straight off course and DNF'd.
Anyway, back to this year, the weather started dry, ended super cold and rainy. 3 laps, and we started with the 55+ guys.
First lap; we ditch the 55's and a few of the 45 guys. Nothing really eventful.
Second lap, Canadian star Charlie Squires and one of his London Cycles teammates along with Dave Faso and a rider from a Canadian club called ZM are off the front. I thought it was game over. Fortunately, there was a Corning rider, 3 FLCC guys and myself who didn't want to gift these threats the breakaway success. We nail them back just in time for the wheel sleeze Canadian Z team (say zed, eh?) to blast up to the break as we towed them for a few miles. After that, we rolled along looking at each other waiting for the next attack.
Final lap, one of the London guys and another rider(can't remember his club??) rolls off. I was waiting for Charlie to light it up on the final climb but it didn't quite happen. It did get pretty serious on that climb. Last year, Chris Welch made his move there and came in solo for 4th place ahead of the main peloton, and right behind the breakaway. It's a great place to attack if you've got it in the tank. We round the corner and the road still tilts up a bit. We were single file, around 15 of us, flat out, full gas out of the saddle...and a wheel sleezing Z rider was holding us off! Damn him!
The final descent is 50 mph. No joke, 50+. The dash to the line is just lucky positioning as we cross at nearly 40 mph. I crossed 7th, the winner around..2 seconds ahead and all of the top 10 guys separated by less than 1 second. Crazy See you at the races...... RK.