2 Wins at BCR for CNYC !!!

The riders of CNYC continued their successful Spring campaign at the Binghamton Circuit Race held on Sunday April 25th. Richard Serton scored his first win for the season. Riding in the Cat. 5 race Serton produced a strong sprint to win by a wheel. Brett Sherwood took a good 11th place finish out of 41 riders. Ad Stabel made it two weekends in a row with race wins. Riding in the Master's 45 + Stabel wound things up to continue his run of great results. Rich Karaz took 2nd in the 45 + field.

Race Reports Below:

By Richard Serton

In the Men's Cat 5 field most of the action was saved for the final 200m of the 20 mile race. A few early attempts at a breakaway, including ones by CNYC's own Richard Serton and Brett Sherwood were unsuccessful. It seemed that most of the field was content to stay together and fight it out at the end. About halfway through the final lap a palpable sense of urgency seemed to come over the peloton. All at once every rider was jockeying for position to start the final sprint. As the group reached the base of the final short climb, the sprint began with several riders in good position for the win. CNYC's own Richard Serton, who started the sprint in about 10th place, had the legs to overtake the rest of the field and snag 1st place by about half a wheel. Brett Sherwood finished strong in 11th place.

By Pedro Martinez

A field of about 30 riders took the start for a combined race including the Cat. 1-2-3 Men, Masters 35 + Men and Masters 45 + Men. All would be doing 18 laps in cold and wet conditions. On lap number 2 Peter Martin noticed strong man Steve Hudyncia and another rider go up the road. It was a good way to warm up and get the race going. Martin decided to join the break. It only lasted a lap and a half and then everyone decided they would not let the trio get an advantage. For the next few laps things stayed fairly mellow.
A good sprint for the first prime. A split here or there in the field. Overall mood seemed to be "let's stick together." Finally, with roughly 9 laps to go Paul Eisele and Jacob Gorke took off and made a move that looked good. Both riders were riding in the Cat. 1-2-3 field. For a couple of laps the gap hovered around 30 seconds. Then it grew to a minute. There were enough strong riders in the field to bring the duo back; but, smart riding by Eisele's teammate Steve Sloan disrupted the field enough to keep the guys off the front. With 3 laps to go the gap had shrunk to 10 seconds. It looked like the bunch would be sprinting for the win. Happily Eisele's and Gorke's hard work would be rewarded. The group slowed and Paul Eisele took the 2 up sprint for the win. This meant that field would be sprinting for both Master Category wins. It being his first race of the season Peter Martin decided to take a flyer with a 1/2 mile to go. Martin opened a big gap on the field but blew to bits at the bottom of the finishing climb. 100 more yards in his legs and he would have pulled off a surprise early season win. But bike racing isn't about almost wins !
The field swallowed Martin up and spit him out the back. Happily for CNYC Ad Stabel and Rich Karaz were able to do a 1 - 2 finish in the 45 + Race.

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