2009 Owasco Flyer Race Report

Thanks to Rich Karaz for the Great Result and Race Report

Jack K. and Mike T. did an amazing job of putting on this race. Chip Timing.....Perfectly Marshaled Intersections....a fun route and a beautiful course.

From Inside the Peloton......As it Happens.....By RK.

The Owasco Flyer...come-one-come-all. How do the race directors Jack Kirch and Mike Tersegno attract a crowd of 300 participants for a bike race around Owasco Lake? The quick answer is, they put on a great event with a swag bag and picnic for all after the event; there is an acute level of attention to rider value. Thanks guys. Your efforts showed well. Pre-registered were my CNYC clubmates Mike Beggs, Peter Martin and my Summertime neighbor Chris Welch of Indianapolis. I was unsure if I really wanted to go? Especially with my regular training partners Tope Damiano, Sarah Krysiak and Wayne Bray bowing out to prepare for Fitchburg. Okay, I'll go. The day got off wrong concerning the forecast which called for rain. It could not have been a nicer day. All went routinely smooth as Chris and I got ready to roll. As one of the race officials was giving last minute instructions Chris and I decided to find shade during the final minutes before the start. We both looked at the sea of 300 riders. Honestly, neither of us felt we would end up contesting 1st place. Still, you have to have some sort of plan. I said to Chris, "If we are in it for a good finish, the line comes up quickly at the top of a little kicker. Go earlier rather than later. If we are together, I'll give you a little shout." Remember that quote folks.
Off we go roaring down the West side of the lake. It was pretty wild. Thankfully there were no incidents. It was stressful to keep your position at the front of the pack. We get to the hilly section of the course and race favorites Glenn Swan and Dan Staffo get going with a series of attacks. Future star of the peloton Ben Salibra does a good job bringing back the breaks. Chris and I are fairly content watching these guys beat each other up. Glenn had a bunch of teammates in the front group. As did Scott Grimshaw's MaxPower club. There were some Corning guys, Nathan Sentz of Precision-Paceline, 18 year old Anna Young as well as others. Ms. Young can show a lot of guys how to race a bike. I was watching her and I'm not embarrassed to say, I was following her moves! She knew when to sit in, when to jump. During a dull moment, I said to her, "You are an impressive rider." She said it comes from doing all those NCR events. Remember that name, Anna Young.
With around 5 miles to go, we are down to around 25 riders. For those who know the Flyer the finish is on the top of the 4th rise after the last left turn. On the first rise, Nathan Sentz asks me if I'm doing these big ring or small ring? I tell Nate to do what Glenn does. Nate says back to me, "Big ring."
First riser, second riser I find myself close to the back of our remaining riders. Confidence level: low.
Third riser and around 1.5k to go....confidence comes back up but not much. We are now inside 1k to go. Bottom line, I didn't get it done. If I went earlier rather than later like I said to Chris while we waited for the start or if I remembered the Velonews interview with Simon Gerrans, he gets dropped on a TdF stage breakaway, but motors back on and wins. If, if, if.... I do wish I had gone at 500m as I planned. I thought the gallop would have been on at that point anyway; it didn't go until 200m. I was on a good wheel and if you check the times, 1st through 10th is separated by maybe 1.5 seconds. I crossed 6th. Congratulation to Ben and his teammate Bill for going 1-2. It was a fun race.
Back at the park, Mike and Pete come by. They had a good day as it was Mike's first race in close to 3 years. Pete was his bodyguard. I'm giving the guys our account of the race then Chris says, "We get close to the finish and I remembered Rich was going to shout to me when to go. He crosses the finish then looks back at me and tells me to go!" Doh! Um, sorry 'bout that.