Results for Check Your Legs RR , April 22nd 2006

Check Your Legs RR , April 22nd 2006
USCF Permit # 2006-435

Race time of 1 Hour and 14 Minutes

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25 riders tackled the two circuits of the difficult and wet course.
The first few miles saw a cold pack and slow speeds as the riders stuck
together to keep warm. After the first hills out of Garrattsville
things started to string out. Erik Markewich and Brett Sherwood
were off the front and setting a fast pace. The descent saw Sherwood
re-integrate with the pack and Markewich continue his solo effort.
With the rain and wind kicking up the peloton chased Markewich around
the second lap. With less than a mile to go his gap was
about 30 seconds and it looked liked victory for the lone escapee.
Coming into the last corner Peter Martin jumped out of the group and
used his local knowledge to sprint to the finish and pass Markewich
with about 50 feet to go. Erik held on for second and won the most
aggressive rider of the day award. 3rd place wnt to TVC's Mike Kumiega
who showed good legs all day.

1. Peter Martin 22713
2. Erik Markewich 230301
3. Mike Kumiega 105935
4. David Ryther 56687
5. Justin DeAmicis 241043
6. Rich Karaz 46804
7. Brett Sherwood One Day
8. Sam Corcoran 197247
9. Charles Hamilton 226402
10. Jeff Poulin 55114
11. Stephen Sloan 241757
12. Nathan Sentz 215130
13. Joe Walker 203233
14. John Ormsby 140052
15. Steven Smith 230707
16. Craig Corcoran 197248
17. Eric Walters One Day
18. Norman Cognetto One Day
19. Erik Moore One Day
20. Rich Rutishauser One Day
21. Wayde Herneisey 172687
22. Christopher Carey One Day
23. Vincent Kirby 233736
DNF Scott Stoddard One Day
DNS Timothy Singler 193085