Check Your Legs Road Race Results - Photos added

Roughly 70 riders showed up for the 2009 CYLRR. Windy and cool conditions. But a good day for racing.
CNYC's Ad Stabel kept his impressive run of results at the CYLRR by taking the win in the B category.
Small but competitive fields contested the A and Woman's categories. In the A Race....Wayne Bray made a bold solo effort for most of the 3 laps. He was beaten at the end of the day; but, certainly awarded the most aggressive riders prize. In the end it was Benjamin Salibra taking the win for the A riders. The top 3 women battled for two laps with Sarah Krzysiak winning.

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B Racers 2 Laps
1 Ad Stabel
2 Mike Grygus
3 David Novak
4 Brett Sherwood
5 Nathan Sentz
6 Justin DeAmicas
7 Dan Fitch
8 Eric Gregoire
9 Bill Golembieski
10 Eli Robinson
11 Cory Peranich
12 Michael Kumiega
13 David Rowinski
14 Tony Battista
15 Gregory Drumm
16 John Novak
17 Luis Rodriguez
18 Jim Kent
19 David Hansen
20 Guy Damiano
21 Steven Smith
22 Phillip McCarthy
23 Justin Pedersen
24 Andrew Williams
25 Brian Beech
26 Eric Jarvi
27 Tom Forte
28 Brian Suba
29 Scott Sommers
30 Michael Wentland
31 Christopher Jones
32 Angus Mackie
33 Rich Jarvi
34 Richard Rutishauser
35 John Ormsby
36 Mike Sorrentino
37 Michael Koral
38 Stuart Joseph
39 Kirby Haizlip
40 Phillip Thompson
41 Kurt Woodruff
42 John Hendrickson
43 Nicholas Padula
44 Patrick Meszler
45 Mike Guenther
46 Gerry Raymonda
47 Bruce Ward
48 John Oles
DNF George Elmy
DNF Anthony Monaco
DNS Anthony Rotter
DNS Luke Thomas

Women 2 Laps
1 Sarah Krzysiak
2 Kristin Lotito
3 Margaret Thompson
4 Charlsie Donnelly
5 Tamara Lewis
6 Barbara Kuczala
7 Heather Ludwig
8 Kim Celecki
DNS Kathleen Purtell
DNS Ruth Sherman
DNS Catherine Reynolds

A Racers 3 Laps
1 Benjamin Salibra
2 Steve Sloan
3 Paul Eisele
4 Wayne Bray
DNF Scott Grimshaw
DNF Richard Karaz
DNS Kurt Schmid

Over 60 of the men in the two racing classes offered to them line up to take the road.

Seven women get ready to set out on two laps on the hilly Check Your Legs Road Race course.

A race official makes a recommendation to a racer that putting the number on right side up would be helpful!

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