Check Your Legs Road Race Saturday April 11th 2009

CNYC's Check Your Legs Road Race is going to be Saturday, April 11th 2009.

Most likely going to be run on an "A" and "B" format. "A" riders doing 3 laps. "B" riders doing 2 laps. If enough Women show up we'll either run a separate field for them....or let them ride with the Category they feel comfortable in.

Not sure what the entry fee will be? Probably pretty cheap...something like $10. Online registration this year via - follow the link below

Just curious here....if I had online registration...and a fee of $10...and the race gets snowed would you feel if you didn't get a refund....but all the proceeds went to the local Fire Department? Is that fair? Would you register online regardless?

Day of race entry fee will probably be $15. I'm going to try and round up some nice prizes again this year. Don't expect as nice stuff this year as last. If you missed out on last year's missed the race deal of a lifetime! Sponsors don't wanna give away as nice stuff this year. But, I will make them anyways. Unhealthy food and drinks as always after the race.

Feel free to email me at petercnyc (at) frontiernet (dot) net for more information.

USCF won't let me post all the gritty details until the race permit is approved.