Upper Susquehanna Pedalers and Paddlers (USPP) Bicycle Time Trial 4-9-08

Results from the USPP TT of 4-9-08. Windy but warm Spring Condtions.

For more information see http:// uspp.pbwiki.com

1. Dereck Treadwell 24:53
2. Ad Stabel CNYC 26:11
3. Peter Martin CNYC 27:30
4. Tim Sattler 27:45
5. Luke Sattler 29:14
6. Jeff Lent 29:30
7. Sam Elmes 30:22
8. Justin Pedersen 31:22
9. Dan Maskin 38:36

USPP runs bi-weekly flat TT and Uphill tt during the cycling season.
Have a look at their webpage for more information. Great way to
to keep track of your form as the season progresses. Good place to
meet other local Otsego County Riders.