USPP World Championships TT

The last USPP TT of the year coincided with the Elite Mens Time Trial in Denmark. No medals were given out for the USPP event. But we estimated that if Tony Martin would have ridden our TT this evening he would have finished in a time of 31:30. You gotta be fast if you want to beat Otsego County riders. Better luck next year Tony.

Thanks to all the riders that showed up and raced this year. Thanks as always to Fran and Neil Toombs.
See you all in the Spring for the next TT.

Results of the Upper Susquehanna Pedalers and Paddlers Bicycle Time Trial held Wednesday Sept 21, 2011, a 10.2-mile course starting and finishing at the intersection of State Route 205 and City Highway 48, near Exit 13 of I-88.

Results - USPP Bicycle Time Trial - Sept 21, 2011

1. Peter Martin 24:05
2. Kyle Breier 27:07
3. Paul Bauer 27:26
4. Jeff Lent 27:46
5. Gary Toombs 28:47
6. Mitch Hendee 31:01