Taking a Flyer at Owasco

Race Report by Rich Karaz.

Do I go to Watkins or go to Owasco? Watkins was a logistical difficulty, Owasco is an invitation to lose skin. Let's go Owasco. This year has been a good one for me as far as performance and results. I have yet to win, but I've been in the mix for 1st place in every race except the NYS Championship Road Race, and that wasn't too far off, there were maybe 3 guys up the road. That said, I needed (in my head) to get aggressive, or play my hand as Wayne Bray would say. Present at Owasco were CNYC's Pete and Will Bradley.
20 minutes into the race, I sense an attack on the right, I'm on the left, here comes a white and red bus and I hop on. BTW, it was a very fast moving bus. We have a short conversation of me asking "Are you gonna ride?" and I get no response. I say again, "I'm not one to squander an opportunity but I'm not sure how wise this is." The white and red bus says, "We ride but we don't have to kill ourselves." Oh my. This guy was so fast, so smooth, it was like being behind a motor. Turns out, he was a Euro-dog. Figures, the day I want to strike out, I get in a break with a Polish kid built like a pro. We rode an excellent breakaway. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. We were away for 50 minutes and he realized I was going to crack. He let me ride his wheel for a bit to recover but it was so hot, I couldn't. Finally we get to the significant hills in the course (old course btw, yes, harder by far than last year's) and I waved him to carry on without me. Long story short, I'm still not recovered, 2 guys come up, another Cornell rider with Doug Carlson and they go through me pretty easily. 2 more guys come up and I stay on for a bit but can't ride their pace. The front group comes up and I'm good. Pretty much out of water, I bum a bottle from Mike Tersegno and position myself for the finale. I managed 2nd in our sprint good enough for 7th overall. Oh well, I played my hand, Waclaw goes on to win solo.
There are some good photos on the race site www.owascoflyer.com