Racing on the Track....Corning Circuit Race Report

The 2010 edition of the Corning Circuit Race was held on one of the most storied F1 automobile race tracks in North America at Watkins Glen. The 4 mile loop consists of wide, buttery smooth asphalt with sweeping, banked turns and just under 300 feet of climbing per lap. Who knows if 'The Glen' will ever open its doors to bike racing again in the future - as such, this was a race not to be missed. CNYCer Richard Serton was in what will probably figure to be his last cat5 race, with a total field of about 35 riders. The race was scheduled to last 30 minutes, and before the gun went off, riders were told that they would complete 3 laps. "We are confident that it will take you just over 30 minutes to complete 3 laps," said the starter, in what would prove to be a comical overestimation. From the word go, the pace was intense. As the field exited pit row into the first of many wide, sweeping corners, the pace picked up to almost 35mph. Then came the first of two short, sprint-able climbs. It was clear that this would be a hammer-fest. A few stragglers aside, the field remained intact for the first and most of the second lap. The third and final lap saw several attacks off the front, most of which were reeled in. With just under a mile to go, a two man breakaway opened a gap of about 10 seconds. Serton and one Corning Race Team member worked together to give chase and gapped the rest of the field. As the chasers entered the final turn, it was obvious they would not contend for the win, but the final podium spot was still up for grabs. The Corning Racer jumped much earlier than expected and had the legs to pull away from Serton. Without a lead-out man, Serton was reeled in by the steadily approaching pack as the line neared, but hung on for 6th place. The main field finished the three laps in well under 25 minutes, averaging close to 25mph. Half an hour, indeed.