A Race Around the Lake - Giro D'Otisco RR

CNYCers Richard Serton and Emory Creel competed in the 2010 edition of the Giro D'Otisco. A short but challenging ride around Otisco Lake. The course features 17 miles of descents and flat roads followed by a torturous, half-mile, 400ft ascent back to the start line, with some sections at 25% incline or greater. Just over 60 entrants of all ages and categories were at the start on a sunny but warm and humid morning. The pack started off with a quick pace, made quicker by the long, twisting descents to the shore of Otisco Lake. As the racers turned south for the long, flat section of the race, one rider jumped ahead and managed to open a gap of about 20 seconds on the main field. He held off a somewhat disorganized peloton into a stiff headwind for a good 7 or 8 miles. Multiple attempts to reel him in, many initiated by Serton and Creel were in vain as nobody else seemed interested in doing the work. Content to race for second place, the main group reached the base of the final climb and prepared to suffer. As in years past, a few riders dropped their chains immediately upon hitting the wall. Both Serton and Creel avoided the minor carnage at the base and the ascent began. Even very strong riders can only manage 5 or 6mph up the hill, wrenching their bars back and forth, fighting for each pedal stroke. One by one, riders blew up and started slipping back. CNYC proved stronger than most, with Serton powering his way to a 5th place overall finish (and 1st in the 20-34 age group) and Creel coming in 9th.