CNYC Wins at Hollenbeck

Sunday May 11th saw record crowds and great racing for the annual Hollenbeck's Spring Classic. CNYC was well represented in the Master's race. With 4 strong riders in the field things were looking good. After the initial speedy run to the first climb a group of roughly 15 crested the first hill. With a good mix of clubs in the break everyone started to work the move. At times it looked like the chasing pack was about to catch the break but strong tempo riding by CNYC's Rich Karaz in the middle section of the course established a lead that was not to be challenged. Hollenbeck's short but steep wall brought the lead group down to 8 riders. With about a mile to go Rich K. and Jeff Poulin got a little gap but things quickly regrouped as we turned onto the Cider Mill Road. One last right turn and we hit the finishing climb. As soon at the road kicked upward Peter Martin started his sprint. Things were looking promising for Peter but Todd Kapeghian wasn't ready to call it quits; with about 400 feet to the line Todd passed Peter.......remembering what Rich Karaz had told him the night before.....Martin dug deep and flew by ( at about 5 mph ) the fading Kapeghian and powered to his second win of 2006. 1st Peter Martin, 6th Rich Karaz, 17th Scott Graham, 29th Craig Corcoran.